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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Choose Life :: Video Project

about 5 years ago i came across this movement called BOUND4LIFE. It blew my mind. It was not a traditional pro life movement, or an angry abortion protest, but a what they call a 'prayer siege'. You may have seen the red tape with LIFE written on it across peoples faces on pictures. This is that movement.

Groups of christians get together and pray outside court house & abortion clinics, wearing this life tape. Reading the word. Praying. Praying for God to break through the mindset that a baby in the womb is not classed as a valued life.

I know this sounds a little heavy for a blog, but it is something i am passionate about. Even more so when we lost our first baby, Joshua, at three months pregnant. I believe my son was a live inside of me from the moment we conceived. I believe God had a purpose and a plan for my baby, even if it was for just three months, and his face remained unknown to us. He was ours. He is God's. He will always be my first baby.

Now a year later, a hold my second son, Finley-Stephen (means courageous one). I saw his black and white picture on an ultrasound at 12 weeks pregnant. He was alive. heart beating. Body forming. It was life. Life staring at me straight in the face.

When he came into the world, i could not believe this precious life was mine. I was so happy, so joyful.

The second day in the hospital, my husband put on some worship music, and i started to think of my first baby.  That tiny 12 week baby in my belly, would have looked a lot like the baby i was now holding. Finley started out just that small too, and here he was, a strong healthy baby. With purpose.

No matter how bad life can be, or what the circumstances are, that little life is life. it is joy. it is the promise that God loves us. That God is creator.

When i borrowed Mr J.L's camera, i took a couple short clips of Finley just on the floor playing, and when i looked back at the footage, i couldnt help to think of those babies that were created and never given a life on this earth. I am not a protester of abortion, i am pro life. Pro God.

Here is a little video i put together. Simple. Nothing too flashy. Hope you enjoy. Press link to view.



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