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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back Blogging

well its been just over two months since i have blogged! Thats a little ri-donk-ulous! My apologies! My last blog was a photoshoot to try and pass the time as i was overdue with my baby boy!

October 6th rolled around and our beautiful baby boy was born! He is our little miracle, our joy bundle, and although he ended up having to come out via c-section it was the most amazing moment of my life. Seeing my son lifted up to capture his face for the first time is something i will never forget.

The husband and I have been blessed with a happy and content baby. He is beautiful, and has an array of facial expressions!

Finally i get to practise my newborn shoot skills with my own newborn, and it was a blast.

I had my mum stay with me for a month, and she has only just left, but she was a true blessing, and we couldnt have done it without her. She and my sister (who flew from england as a surprise) helped me capture my little boy!

Here are a few sneek peeks of the boy! He is pretty amazing!

Our bundle
He is such a peaceful happy baby
these blue eyes melt me

I am starting to get into more of a routine now, even though he is such a good baby... NO NIGHT TIME FEEDINGS... can you believe it? Anyways, i will have some more posts coming soon!

We are just so happy to have our little family:

much love... dani x

Monday, October 3, 2011

Still pregnant...

Yes, i am still pregnant! Now 6 days overdue, tomorrow we will be making decisions are to how best to proceed for baby and me. It feels like he's never going to come!

Probably the silliest thing to say to a 41 week pregnant lady is "still pregnant then?" My sarcasm trigger is set on high alert, and my response wants to be "NOooooooo, im not still pregnant. What gave it away?? My huge stomach that is hitting you in the face right now, or the fact that theres not baby in my arms right now".

But i resist the urge,.. try to be nice, even though i dont feel all that nice.

Me and the hubskis went on a little photo taking date, to not only take our minds off the late arrival, but to spend some time together and to catalogue my over due bump. My husband is getting quite good with the camera. So im sorry there is not craft again, but here is what i have been up to... we even tried some "owling" and "planking". You should look it up if you dont know what it is, soo fun!

 the bubby "owling" on a haybail
 "planking" on a haybail
 i tried some owling... planking was too difficult with my belly

 my husband capturing a 4 day late baby bump
 i know he's mine, so im bias, but he is hot stuff! :)
 He actually was brilliant with working the light for the silhouettes!

 playing around with the camera... we never know when our family of two is going to quickly turn to three
A photo date, is quite fun, even if your not an avid photographer, it can be a great date time for you and your partner, or even with the kids. you should give it a go