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Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Easy Crafts In Five Days :: Craft #2


This is so easy, i actually feel a little silly making it a post, but then again thats what this week is about eh? Easy  crafts. This is about as easy as it gets. Plus it jazzes up your fridge or office board.

This is great as a little gift for the organizer in your life, or add cuteness to those photo cards! 
(apologies for pic quality, they are via my iphone)

All you need is:


All you need to do now is pick what buttons you like best, or fit it to the colour scheme of the room you are using them in,or go completely multi coloured and glue them to your magnets! I added a button on top of a button for a couple of them just to give it a little variety and fun!
VOILA! Your done! Easiest craft ever!

Adds a little whimsy to my fridge and my friends cute kid pictures!
Stay tuned for tomorrows easy craft!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five Easy Crafts in Five Days



For the next five days i am going to give you one easy craft each day. I am giving the whole video tutorial a try aswell, so let me know if its more helpful then just the step by step i usually do. It was kinda fun to add the video as well as doing the craft.

This necklace really did only take me about 6 minutes. It was so easy and inexpensive, using what i already had at home, and i like the end result.

I think im gonna try a couple other colours to funk up another one.

Enjoy. Watch video for the tutorial

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jolly Ol' Time!


The last post of did was of the "Love quilt" i made for my bestie in England, and this last week i had the pleasure of giving it to her, and standing beside her as her maid of honour.

It really was one of the best days of my life. I am so glad that even though seven and half months preggo i could travel the long distance between Canada and England. I don't have a DIY post to give yet, but i will in the next couple of days for some of the Bachelorette Day items that i made for the bride and guests. In england we call it the "Hen day".

Here are a few photos, from my iphone, so not great quality, but i wanted to share a little of my trip!

The hubby and I waiting in Calgary to board the plane! Slighty excited to get summer vacay on the road! or air i guess...

Night one in Essex, England, at bff's parents house, the best rib and chips in the world. I ravished them!

Day two: LONDON!!! thankfully the riots had calmed down, although the shop next to this craft lounge that we went to for the Hen day had been smashed up and broken into!
Great hen day making fancy pants for the bride! I will tell you more later, it was a great place! i wanna start one!

Day four: THE WEDDING!!! a gorgeous english country wedding! it truly was beautiful and as you can see i was pretty excited to get to watch my friend about to get married!

Oh yeah... the childhood dream of us being each others maid of honour had never orignally included me being seven months preggo at the time! But i love that baby boy was at Hellies wedding!

And yes, this was the moment i had feared and anticipated... Maid of honour speech. I desperately wanted to publicly honour helen, as she is one of the most precious people in my life, but it was hard and emotional!

Bride and baby bump

Such a beautiful day... if you know england you can always expect rain, but it was spectacular wedding all day, although it did drizzle a little rain around 9pm, but we were too busy dancing

Had chance to travel to the North of England to see the sister and her fiance, along with grandma (soon to be great grandma for the first time). Lots of pics to be taken for the baby book!

The stunning yorkshire scenery, that i have so often unappreciated when i lived there.

Me and my grandma. Oh i love my grandma. I still claim she will live forever!

The husband had to try the cornish soft scoop ice cream! Best in the country in my humble opinion

and lastly, but by no means least, was lunch with my auntie Lynne, (soon to be great auntie to baby bump boy) - always a pleasure, and then we headed back to canada.
AHHHHH, i love to live in Canada, but its nice for my toes to brush across english soil every once and a while, and this vacation was an unforgettable one!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Love Quilt


So my best friend, and i mean best friend in the whole world, is getting married this monday - august 15th! I am thankfully cleared by my doctor to fly over to England to be her maid of honour. Being seven months preggo was a little cutting it close, but im still in the saftey zone to fly.

I knew i had to come up with a gift that had time and love spilled into it. She deserves it. I have known helen since birth. Our parents met at the pre natal classes when they were preggo with us, and we have been friend ever since. She came to canada to be maid of honour at our wedding and now i get the honour of being hers. Im so thrilled and excited!

So came the idea of "THE LOVE QUILT". Helen lives in this amazing quaint little typical english cottage, and what better thing to add to the household then a "random, ecletic, vintage,  not so neatly put together patchwork quilt" to start their marriage with.

It took time for sure. I had so many different sheets i had used and fabric i had picked up to make it as crazy and vintage retro as possible.

I am so happy with the the way it turned out. You dont have to have all the patches all lined up evenly, i like that its a little odd looking. I tied it all it with a fabric border and i love it! i cant wait to give it to them!

i think im gonna try making one for my baby soon to be born!

Its hard to capture the whole thing in a photo...:(

I had to give it a patchwork union jack, and i used pink instead of red to make it a bit more country cottage! Its my favourite patch

I found these beautiful dollies at the thrift store, and used them to customise another patch

And here is my cheat hint for you... i was going to use fabric on the other side and quilt batting stitched into the inside, but i like to keep things simple and so when i came across a cream cuddly fleece blanket, i knew i wanted that to be the back. Way more cozy for the two newlyweds to  snuggle up with! (And much easier)

This had much satisfaction at the end, but it was definitely a longer porject that most crafts i like, but this one had heart in it!
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and im sure to share some pics from my england vacation when i get back!