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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Partridges In England

Back when i lived in the south of Essex in the hamlet of Corringham is a little church called Corringham Evangelical church.

I attended this church from the age of 4 until i was 16 and we moved to the north of england. I have always gone back to visit, for the first part of my life they were like another family to me. Dave (the husband in these pictures) was one of them. When i got the pleasure to meet his wife, i was so impressed with how awesome she was, and how amazing they are as a couple. It makes me so thankful to have friendships that can stand the test of time and distance, and although we may not speak very often, every visit back to Corringham it feels like i never left. This is from a while ago but i wanted to honour them with this post and their love for each other.

it was one of the most natural loves i have photographed! i know this post is a cheesy one. but heres to you, Dave and Rach - you rock my socks off and i cant wait to see you in August

 this girl, Rachel was just stunning in every photo! Not only her physical beauty but you would be a lucky one to meet her, she has a beautiful character!
for all the teasing that he endured throughout youth every monday as teenages, bible class, and all the many other times we hung out as kids, he sure has grown into a fine man (but don;t tell him i said that)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Notice Board


I have seen lots of different tutorials for a notice board, or somewhere to pin your photo's. My fridge was started to become a little overloaded with christmas photo cards, and little notes and memories that i have pin to it. I was definitely inspired, and remember the old embrodiery hoop that i had bought from the local thrift store for  a whopping $1. What a bargain!

This was the perfect craft to get me moving this morning through the morning sickness and pregnant tiredness that has been looming for longer than i can remember.

I like that the embroidery hoop gives it its own special twist.

STEP ONE :: I bought 4 square pieces of cork board from the dollar store, they came in packs of 2 for $2 each, so a total cost of $4. plus my $1 wooden embrodiery hoop (i got the largest one i could find)

STEP 2 :: Take your four pieces of cork board and get your glue gun ready to glue them all together

STEP 3 :: Now that you have all four glued together you are ready to trace the inner wooden hoop ontop of the cork board

Because the cork that i had bouight was so thin i was able to use my scissors to cut the circle out which helped alot, but if its thicket then an exacto/stanley knife will work (just make sure you have something under your cork board so you don't cut into your table)

STEP 4 :: Now I could start to see it coming together. it was certainly easier than i thought, as i didnt need to use a knife. I had a lot of left overs, but don't them away, you never know what craft may come up that you need.

Now grab your fabric.
STEP 5 :: I have had this fabric for months. I love it, and i plan on using it for my future kitchen blinds, but i had extra and with my notice board going in the kitchen what better a fabric to use! I fall in love with anything floral and vintage! this fabric makes my crafty heart tingle!

STEP 6 :: Lets get staple-ing. I was going to just hot glue gun it, but when i tested the stapler, as i  wanted the fabric to be tight on the cork board, it turns out the staples did not go all the way through, so it was perfect!
TIP :: When stapling make sure that you make little folds to make sure you dont get creases on the top side that will be showing.

STEP 6 :: Hot glue the inside hoop onto your fabriced cork circle and allow to dry... put some pressure on it to make sure it adheres well.
I then added the outside hoop that is adjustable, which makes it much easier to work with and adjust to hold the inside hoop and fabric circle.
I like moving the outside hoop back a little so that it covers the fabric that is peeping out from the gluing the inside hoop on. Plus it gives it a little ridge

 ALL DONE!!! I love it! it adds a whole new cute vintage feel in my kitchen! Once i find some ribbon i like i may add that to the top so i was use these cute little pegs that my friend from pocketful of whimsy made me for christmas!
ahhh craft done... time to shower!