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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 DIY Gift ideas for Fathers Day

Fathers day is on June 17th this year, and while i was thinking of what to do for the hubby from our baby boy on his first official fathers day, i came across some ideas that inspired me to customize them as gifts for the occasion.

I have yet to choose which i will pick. Here are some things to get the kids involved in gift giving and loving on their dad!

The CREATE CHALLENGES are a little more tricky or time consuming but an idea to push forward with a little more creativity. one for every suggestion.


Go to your local dollar store and pick up a white mug and a sharpie. You could write "I love Daddy" on it, or a favourite quote that your child says, or "best dad in the world". Or why not try and be a little more creative.

CREATE CHALLENGE: Trace around your childs hand, or do a set of six mugs all with different things that the child loves about their dad

Use a sharpie and bake in over for 30 minutes at 350 to set in the ink.
If you use ceramic paint, just check the instructions on the pack.


Easy peesey lemon squeezy.... buy one white tshirt (walmart for a basic tee about $5 and some fabric paint.
Child/children's hand print on the front.

CREATE CHALLENGE: Take your tshirt outside and let the kids go mad splattering paint all over to make a funky graffiti style t-shirt for the daddykins 

3. POP!

This is in no way my idea, i totally saw it on pinterest and thinks it adorable. It caught my eye because my husband loves A&W root beer.
Grab a pack of root beer and print off this free downloadable label that says "Your an A&Wesome Dad"

CREATE CHALLENGE Maybe take a fathers day walk to an A&W and present him with it there... make a trip out of it and give the gift of time as well!


Make up a little coupon that says "One Movie Experience". Im thinking something like star wars, or some great action manly film. Buy the Dvd, or use one that you already have and put the coupon on top and a ribbon around it.

CREATE CHALLENGE: Go hardcore and make it a real experience. Grab a basket from the dollar store, and pop your dvd in there with your coupon, then add a bag of popcorn, some pop and some candy. Maybe even a voucher for some fast food. The let dad have the night of his life.


Whenever i go down the craft aisle at the dollar store i always see the little packs of clay. Ok, so they may not be the best quality clay in the world but when your dealing with little ones, they don;t know the difference, and lets be honest, dad probably wont either.

Make a bowl with dad drawn into it and paint it up as a quaint homemade gift from the kidlets.

CREAT CHALLENGE: Sit the kids down at a prepped table, hook them up with an apron and let them sculpt their daddy. Follow kit instructions for oven/drying times.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bucket List Wall

It has been sooooo long, too long since i have written a blog post! I love to do it, but i want to post only when i truly have been inspired or really felt creative or want to share. It would be boring if i just posted for the sake of posting.

I am working on a promo video right now for a worship night in the city i live, and while i sit here editing and changing things for the umpteenth time i get distracted. Looking at pinterest, planning the jubilee party for next weekend.

While on Pinterest i saw this photo that just had written on it "Have my father walk me down the aisle". That was all it said. It reminded me of one of my bucket list dreams "have my grandma be one of my bridesmaid".

I made a bucket list probably when i was about 16 years old. Its unfinished as im always adding to it, but i have had the priviledge of crossing some off that i have done.

(oh, and by the way, if you don't know what a bucket list is, it is basically a list of things you desire to do before you die).

If you read my post a few months back about my hair going completely baby pink, that was one thing i have wanted to do since i can remember, so i did it! LOVED IT! and crossed it off my list.

Crossed off having my grandma as my bridesmaid! She made a great honorary bridesmaid. She didnt believe i would ever actually do it... but we did! and it was a dream come true!

and there have been some other things that i keep in a file and need to find the photos of.

So a picture came into my head... i love to hang things on my wall, and i love photos.

WHY NOT DO A BUCKET LIST PHOTO WALL?! I can keep adding to it the more i tick off my list. And i think when the hubby gets home from work tomorrow evening, i will suggest he makes a bucket list too and we can start adding his on the wall too!

There is something about making lists... it helps me be more accountable to them. I want to see the sun set and rise in the sahara, and the more i look at my list, the more likely it is that i am going to do it.

Oh and i must add before i go, of course having children and getting married were right at the top and praise the lord, i have a great man by my side, and one baby in heaven and one 7 month baby in my arms. Hallelujah!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ultimate Blogswap :: Featuring Jami Leigh from Saving By Making

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Saving By Making about Mirrored Wall Art, and I’m excited to welcome Jami Leigh from Young Wife's Guide to 12 Stone Dance

Jami is the proud young wife of awesome Hubby Jason. She dreams of the day that they start their family and welcome little ones into their home. In the meantime she is busy learning as many things as she can while she has the time. Jami has a heart for hospitality and making her home an inviting place that reflects Christ. She loves sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, decorating cakes, decorating her home, reading and taking bike rides with her husband.

Easy Chocolate Mousse Cups {A Tutorial}

I love making fun and creative desserts for parties and events. I think there is something very sweet about a homemade treat over one that is picked up at the store on the way to the party. 
Whenever possible I try to make a homemade dessert to bring to someone’s house, even if it is something simple. I love to make these chocolate mousse cups and they are so simple and easy to make. 

  • Buy or make the Chocolate Cups
Personally, I make the chocolate cups myself. They are easy to make, as cheap as buying some chocolate, and super yummy! I make milk and dark chocolate cups. 
To make your own: Buy a chocolate cup candy mold. I bought mine at Michaels but any craft store will carry them. Amazon is a great place to get them as well. 
This mold makes a round chocolate cup. I also have one that makes an oval cup. Order yours HERE!

Buy some melting chocolate (candy melts) from any craft store or Amazon and follow the directions on both the mold and the chocolates. 

  • Make the Mousse
You can make any mousse you like. The recipe I used for these cups was a standard chocolate mousse but a raspberry mousse would be really good as well! 

  • Top with your favorite fruit and you are ready to serve.  You can also skip the mousse and just make chocolate fruit cups.

Thank you Jami - they looks delicious!!!!! Make sure to checkout her blog, to save by making!

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