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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Double Purpose

I love reading those articles and pins about household products or food etc. that can be used for stuff other than its original purpose. Things like vinegar as a surface cleaner, coffee beans as vase fillers and magazine holders as hanging shelves, and so many more.I love finding a new use for something.

While away visiting the parents (who have just moved to the caribbean island of Trinidad) on our vacation, it has opened up time for me to do the little things that sometimes there just isn't time for when having a young baby to look after. 

I have just grown my fingernails out - something that is really hard for me, as i have a bad habit of biting them off. I sat down and decided to do my nails. Either my momma, father or sister played with my son as i zoned out into my newly grown nails.

I had painted them this pale blue that my sister had, its a beautiful colour, not reflecting the true colour so well in the picture, but i wanted to add a little more detail now i had more "nail" to work with. I had brought some shimmery gold with me, and so i decided to give all my nails a gold shimmery tip.... BUT what to use. In a foreign country, evening time. i search the cupboards trying to find some type of tape that wouldn't peel off the first layer of polish i had on. i found some BROWN PARCEL TAPE in the scissor draw. "I'll give that a go. looks thin enough".

Found out its the PERFECT thing for decorating your nails. It was thin enough to hold down my nails to make the perfect diagonal line and as i peeled the tape away none was taken off with it.

So for a long story, all that was to say that parcel tape is a great way to do some art work on the nails if you get the chance.

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