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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Short & Sweet :: Mini Photo sessions

After shooting lots of family photos, i find that after about 15-20 minutes, (and if I'm being honest, more like 10 minutes) the children start dwindling! They are tired of having to smile/pose/ or have someone keep telling them how to be for a hour session.

So with the beauty of fall only lasting here in Saskatchewan for a short few weeks, it was the perfect time to do mini sessions of the little cuties in our lives.

I put it out there for people to book 10-15 minute time slots, and over today and tomorrow i have and will be shooting some kiddies, and a couple of family shoots!!

Its exciting to finally be out there officially as a photographer! Here comes the Britographer! I have a feeling that these mini sessions will be occurring often!! I could tell just from the couple of them i did today that it worked so much better.

The kids were angels! They performed, and had fun, and i find that even the candids are so much better because they are just relaxed and don't feel too forced!

If you are interested in finding out about more from these future mini sessions, find me on facebook under BRITOGRAPHY! Like the page and keep updated!

Ill be uploading some sneek peeks from today and tomorrow soon!

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