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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Partridges In England

Back when i lived in the south of Essex in the hamlet of Corringham is a little church called Corringham Evangelical church.

I attended this church from the age of 4 until i was 16 and we moved to the north of england. I have always gone back to visit, for the first part of my life they were like another family to me. Dave (the husband in these pictures) was one of them. When i got the pleasure to meet his wife, i was so impressed with how awesome she was, and how amazing they are as a couple. It makes me so thankful to have friendships that can stand the test of time and distance, and although we may not speak very often, every visit back to Corringham it feels like i never left. This is from a while ago but i wanted to honour them with this post and their love for each other.

it was one of the most natural loves i have photographed! i know this post is a cheesy one. but heres to you, Dave and Rach - you rock my socks off and i cant wait to see you in August

 this girl, Rachel was just stunning in every photo! Not only her physical beauty but you would be a lucky one to meet her, she has a beautiful character!
for all the teasing that he endured throughout youth every monday as teenages, bible class, and all the many other times we hung out as kids, he sure has grown into a fine man (but don;t tell him i said that)


  1. Well don't post it on the internet then, otherwise you know I will see it ;-) These photos were great, especially considering I really don't like being photographed.

    Do pop in next time you're around!

  2. We had such a fun day when you took these photos Dani. Still love the ones we have up on our wall hugely!

    And thank you for your incredibly kind words. I think maybe you just haven't spent enough time with me yet...!

    Really looking forward to seeing you in the summer Xx