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Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Easy Crafts In Five Days :: Craft #2


This is so easy, i actually feel a little silly making it a post, but then again thats what this week is about eh? Easy  crafts. This is about as easy as it gets. Plus it jazzes up your fridge or office board.

This is great as a little gift for the organizer in your life, or add cuteness to those photo cards! 
(apologies for pic quality, they are via my iphone)

All you need is:


All you need to do now is pick what buttons you like best, or fit it to the colour scheme of the room you are using them in,or go completely multi coloured and glue them to your magnets! I added a button on top of a button for a couple of them just to give it a little variety and fun!
VOILA! Your done! Easiest craft ever!

Adds a little whimsy to my fridge and my friends cute kid pictures!
Stay tuned for tomorrows easy craft!

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