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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back Blogging

well its been just over two months since i have blogged! Thats a little ri-donk-ulous! My apologies! My last blog was a photoshoot to try and pass the time as i was overdue with my baby boy!

October 6th rolled around and our beautiful baby boy was born! He is our little miracle, our joy bundle, and although he ended up having to come out via c-section it was the most amazing moment of my life. Seeing my son lifted up to capture his face for the first time is something i will never forget.

The husband and I have been blessed with a happy and content baby. He is beautiful, and has an array of facial expressions!

Finally i get to practise my newborn shoot skills with my own newborn, and it was a blast.

I had my mum stay with me for a month, and she has only just left, but she was a true blessing, and we couldnt have done it without her. She and my sister (who flew from england as a surprise) helped me capture my little boy!

Here are a few sneek peeks of the boy! He is pretty amazing!

Our bundle
He is such a peaceful happy baby
these blue eyes melt me

I am starting to get into more of a routine now, even though he is such a good baby... NO NIGHT TIME FEEDINGS... can you believe it? Anyways, i will have some more posts coming soon!

We are just so happy to have our little family:

much love... dani x

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