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Monday, April 4, 2011

A little of the deets

Most people that knew me before i moved to Canada, will know that i have never really been crafty, or into DIY projects. I was creative but in the way where i took a notebook sat in a corner and wrote poem after poem.

Then i found my crafting soulmate... Mo from pocketful of whimsy

photo.php.jpgme and mo at my bridal shower!

my husband and I last year bought the house literally right next door!

We swap craft ideas we have seen, blog links, fallen in love with "under the sycamore" by ashley ann together, thrifted together, and love target and hobby lobby.

Its like God had a plan when we met...hahaha, yes he had a plan.

So seeing her blog away her creativity made me want to catalogue my own crafting adventures, my love for photography and have a place to share it too.

i like a diy or craft i can do within a reasonable amount of time, if it takes more than one sitting to do it, i usually find it sits for weeks until i find the passion to pick it up again.

someone once told me that they thought crafting was just not important to life. Well to me its not just about the craft. Having a craft girls night, or hanging out with Mo develops a relationship. We have talked about God, our lives, our relationships over a craft. We have laughed and when life got tough, especially during the last few months there have been tears over a craft.

i have made new friends through it, explored the creativity that God has placed in everyone of us, and learnt to see that we don't always need new things. There is a simple delight in the restoration of an old chair, and simply saving money can be a joy.

Go visit resist the flu to explore one of our dear friends initiatives to resist the urge to splurge.

My creativity has been used to save and see the potential in something someone else may label as junk!

So my response to the opinion that crafting is not important... i disagree! It has served me well so far, so i think ill keep going!

Heres a little catch up so you can know me a little...

There is me, Dani, a english girl that is living life in the Saskatchewan prairies.
photo.php.jpgI am often asked why i moved here, and its quite simple, my parents moved here for my dads job when i was 21 and my younger sister and i tagged along as i had no real direction in my life. People then ask "why did you stay, when you parents moved onto the Alberta".
(mother and I)

Mother, sister, daddykins & moi
photo.php.jpgphoto.php.jpgthe sister and I


Well i found the two most important loves of my life. Firstly the prairies were where God brought me back to him and i discovered what the real Jesus was all about. Not the sunday school jesus, or the church jesus, but the real jesus who craved to love me and have relationship with me.
thats a blurry me jumping like crazy at one of my first experiences in my sask church

photo.php.jpgHe then blessed me with the second love of my life, my knight in shining armour "the husband".

april 6th 2008 he proposed, and on april 25th 2009 we were man and wife...wohoo

photo.php.jpgWe found out we were pregnant in july of 2010 with our first baby, but unfortunately that october we miscarried, (i will fill you in one day as it has a lot to do with the name of the blog).

we named our heaven baby Joshua Matthew Gallipeau. we are so honoured we got to be part of creating him and know we will see him one day.

photo.php.jpgAfter three months of what was probably the saddest and most grievous time of our lives we became pregnant with baby number two. We like to refer to him/her as chicken legs, as our first ultrasound baby already had long legs that kinda looked like a rotisserie chicken :)

So thats pretty much the deets on where we are at right now!! Just incase you wanted to know :)

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