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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming up for the season of LOVE

With Valentines day on it way, i am going to do a few different things to celebrate this season of love.

I have to admit i am not really a lover of valentines day (ironic statement). I don't actually like the way people hate on it, or the expectation that thats the day of the year to show love. We all know it should be every day, but i have come to think, it can only be a good thing to at least be reminded once a year to set that day aside to make that someone, or some people in your life feel special.

So im not doing this to succumb to just one day, but i am going to embrace it this year. I love my God, i love my husband, i love my son, i love my family and i love my friends. Not only that i love those people i know but to commit to doing something IN LOVE for charity.

The next 2 series of posts will be:

DIY & Crafts to give to others, spouses, family, kiddies & friends, and even be a little charitable in this season of LOVE!

I'm gonna deck my home with some handmade things to fill the home with looooveeeee!!

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