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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sprinkled with love :: Cupcake Garland

Decorating for Valentines :: Cupcake Garland

Another simple and fun way to decorate you homeslice ready for the season of love.

Hit up the local dollar store or supermarket for your favourite cute cupcake liners and get some thread and needle or use a skewer and wool (this is what i choose).

i have seen these cupcake garlands all over Pinterest (addictive sharing website that you must join).

This was actually one of those crafts where i used whatever i had in the house already and didn't go and buy something new.

I raided my cake decorating box and found some pink and white liners as well as some beautiful aqua with flowers liner that i found at dollar store months back.

Grabbed some pink bakers tiwne from my attic craft room and a wooden skewer from my kitchen drawers. 

a little pastel valentines look this year

I decided on a pattern for every 5 liners. Then poked a hole through them and threaded the wool through. This would be much easier with a needle and thread  but this was what i had on hand.

Just keep doing this till you have your desired length, or in my case until i ran out of cupcake cases :)

Once i had threaded them i pulled them apart and then crinkled them so that they would sit on one another rather than slip inside each other.

Keep a look out for the final reveal of my valentines day mantel with all the decor tutes together

have a happy thursday!

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