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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sprinkled with Love... valentines decor session 1

Welcome to the first tutorial for our Sprinkled with Love series!
This first one is an easy, cheap way to love up your nest ready for valentines.

All you need:
1.Foam wreath (or use a swimming noodle and duct tape, or foam pipe from the hardware store to save on the pennies)
2. Pink yarn
3. 2 red roses or embellishment of your choice
4. dollar store mirror letters
(and i used frosted spray paint to give my letters a blue frosted tint to it)

Start by wrapping your yarn all the way around your wreath form. i just use scotch tape to attached to yarn to wreath and cover it by wrapping the yarn over it

this is the longer sometimes a little tedious part but its well worth it!

Then with a hot glue gun just stick on the red roses where you like the best, and i spray painted my LOVE mirror "phrase" and rested it against the wreath. 
I have decided that i am using the top of my storage cube system as my valentines display for this year

And there it is. I really love the contrast of our blues walls and the pink wreath!
You could hang it on your door or on the fireplace...

Share your photos if you give it a go!

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