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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The beauty of a sister

"The mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn tiger if her sibling is in trouble."  
~quote by Clara Ortega
I love this quote. Especially because for the majority of our lives my sister was the calm, laid back child. Myself, on the other hand was the high maintenance, 'hear my opinion', crazy child. 

But i remember one situation where i truly saw the love of my sister, even though the situation was one that i would prefer to forget.

We were both at one of our first parties in canada, and lets just say this was before i got my life together... i had heard someone saying something about a friend that was there, and as i said, im the 'opinionated' sister out of the both of us. Sooo, i obviously felt it necessary to say to this guy "thats totally rude of you to say that, what do you know?"

Well turns out this was not the best guy to stand up too, before i knew it two of his sidekick girl mates pounced on me, dropped me to the floor, one sat on my back pulling my hair, while the other hit me in the head over and over... not one of my finest moments, i know. but i was young...ish!

I was laying there just trying to cover my face (obviously didnt want mum and dad to see any signs of what i had gotten into, which i guess now with this post she will know - oh dear). 

Now pause the story for a moment, because then comes my sisters side of the story, i was been pounced on at the top of the stairs of where this party was, and my sister had approached the bottom of the stairs after hearing someone was getting  beat up, she obviously didnt know it was me at the time. She told me that the first thing she recognised was the person laying on the floor (ME) had one shoe on, and she said she quickly realised it was my shoe.

Back into my story, i hear "GET OFF MY SISTER" in her southern english accent. She ran up the stairs, pulled the two girls off of me, and got me out of there. 

Now we are three years apart. She has always been the younger sister and her quiet shy demeanor stated that younger sister mentality.

Thats why i love this quote. It should read "even the quietest and least opinionated of younger sisters will turn into a LION when her sister is in trouble!".\

This may not be a picture of beautified sisterly love, but it ones i remember just for that reason.

When i was back in england for my uncles funeral a couple years ago, my sister and i had some one on one time while i photographed her. Yes, i'm biased, but she is beautiful, inside and out. I love that i have a sister, and i love that i have a sister that takes after my dad. I see my dads amazing sense of humour, his sensitivity, and his laid back nature in my sister and i love it!

so short story made long,  here are some photos of my beautiful sister!

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