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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial

I found this on a craft blog, so i can take no credit for the idea, but as soon as i saw it, i knew i wanted to try it. I already have a wreath in my living room that i made from book pages with my friend over at pocketful of whimsy and so this wreath will go perfectly off to the side of it!

I have definitely had quite a love for DIY wreaths. So easy and acheivable but looks so cool!

So enjoy the tutorial and maybe you can try it!!

Coffee filters (2 packs of 100 @ $1 each) = $2
Foam wreath = around $6 depending on size
hot glue gun
small piece of ribbon for hanging and a pin

1.Grab your foam wreath form, and fold your coffee filter in half once, and then in half again, glue it flat to the wreath on the side that will eventually sit on the wall.
My mum bought me this foam wreath at michaels, as i cant find wreath forms in the city i live. Hobby lobby is another one, or even keep your eye out in a thrift store.

Coffee filters from dollar store... good and cheap... make sure you get the ones with a flat bottom and wavy tops so you get the effect right

fold once in half and then in half again

Glue flat to what will be the back of your wreath.

It should look like this at the back of your wreath

3. Now flip over your wreath so that you can start filling in what will be the front part. Make sure you glue the coffee filters really close together and overlapping to make sure it looks filled out and the whole foam is covered

4. For the coffee filters that are going on the front side of the wreath, you need to fold once in half, then in half again, then fold the tip over, and glue on the tip, so that when you glue it to the foam it will stand up away from it.
Example here : Just keep in gluing anf gluing until it is completely covered. You may need to push the filters back into each other, to create a nice round inside.

5. AND HERE IT IS! crumby photo i know, but it looks rocking in real life! i cant wait to hang it!
I find that because of the filters it won't hang without pinning a little loop of ribbon on the back, and then i just put a little tack in the wall. Its light enough that you dont need to use chunky nails or anything!


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