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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ultimate Bacon Buttie

So if you haven't been to the "about" section you may not know that i am from england originally, but for those of you that are my canadian/american friends i will explain a few words that i use.

Now this may not be a craft, but it certainly is an art-form to a great british sandwich

"Buttie" is quite simply just a bun used to make a sandwich.
"Beetroot" just another name for beets.

I absolutely love english bacon, but living in a small prairie city its not available here so i have to make do with canadian bacon, although i still do enjoy it.

Here is how to make a delicious english bacon buttie.

1. Grab some delicious buns, nice and soft. I love these local buns from estevan from the carlyle bakers
oh my gosh so yummy!
2. Get your bacon nice and crispy, if you prefer it softer than go for it, its your sandwich after all!
3. Now butter up your buns really good, you want the butter to melt into the buns and the bacon as soon as that hot bacon hits the bread!
4. Make sure you have some delicious pickled sliced beetroots in the fridge! This is what clenches the amazingness of this sandwich! beets and bacon are like best friends
you wouldnt believe how happy i was when i found that i could still have beetroot with my bacon
5. Now layer your bacon on the bun, then lay 2/3 beetroot slices on top. 
6. Squirt either ketchup or Hp brown sauce on, or if your like a true brit, BOTH!! adds more punch of flavour! Dont forget the salt and pepper (no one told you this would be healthy eh?)

AND THERE IT IS, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BACON SANDWICH THAT YOU WILL EVER TASTE! Oh my gosh, im going to go make one now to munch on! Little reminder of england for me while the husband is away.

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