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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prairie Wedding

In 2008 i was assistant leader of a summer missions program called street invaders, and i had a young woman called Meagan on my team (she was awesome) and i got to do her wedding last year, which helps to build up my portfolio before i launch my photography company onces my residency comes through, and one of her bridemaids was called Kari Lynn, and she asked me to do her wedding too!

I can never pass up the opportunity to do a wedding, as it really helps to show people what i can do, and i love that i can build up a portfolio before i start officially as a business.

The wedding was March of this year, and i wanted to share with you a few shots from this beautiful prairie wedding!

Thanks Kari Lynn and Steve for choosing me, and you look awesome in the photos!

One of my favourite parts of any wedding is watching the dads face when he sees his daughter all ready in her dress, and when he walks her down the aisle... its a beautiful moment

the exchanging of rings

This bride loves colour, her bridesmaid dresses were the rocking-est i had seen with them all in different colours! so we had to take advantage of the orange and yellow arches that decorated a shop building nearby

I have so many of these shots, it was hard for me to stop taking photos, because they looked so beautiful with the big train line in the background

I had to highlight and give a huge shout out to my love, the husband. He was my second shooter for the day, and he does a great job at it too! plus he;s pretty handsome, and i just had to get a photo if him looking all photographer like! :)

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