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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a crazy two weeks!

So i am about one step away from a sweet craft tutorial, but these last two weeks have been crazy!!

My mother in law called me and said "when it rains it pours", sometimes that just is the case, or at least it feels like everything comes at once.

Sadly tuesday apil 5th, my husbands great uncle passed away after battling the awful disease of ALS (Lou gehrings). I met him only once but for my mother in law and my husband and his brothers it was a hard blow to the family. I can see he was well loved in this family, but not only that was a creative man that used what he had to live life to the fullest!

Gary Hyland is his name! Maybe you have seen him in the poetry section, or maybe you studied his poetry at school. maybe even if you live in Saskatchewan, you have been the the FESTIVAL OF WORDS, which uncle gary founded, along with being one of the biggest influences of moose jaw becoming a cultual city in canada.

There are so many accolades that i could list off, but the most important accolade of all was his role of husband, father, grandfather and uncle. It truly was a celebration of his life last week.

Here is one if the lines from his poems that was read at his funeral

"And then, having lived life full tilt and loved it enormously, I will be gone."
-- Gary Hyland, Love of Mirrors


Then after been back home for just a day, Monday morning we were told the sad news that my husbands Grandpa had passed away as well, so up to moose jaw again we drove. So life has been quite crazy and filled with reminiscing aswell as sadness. But we know God has granted both these men peace.

We will remember Grandpa and celebrate his life this saturday!

this was at our wedding... so thankful he got to be there (nearly two years ago)

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