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Thursday, May 26, 2011

BLOGSWAP:: 12StoneDance :: SECOND CHANCE Rocking Chair
I am so excited to be a guest here at the Casabella Project! This blog is now firmly in my favourites. When i signed up for this Blogswap extravaganza, i knew i was blessed to be get to be featured here! So i hope you enjoy! I would love to have you over for a visit on my blog http://www.12stonedance.blogspot.com/ and maybe you could stay for some tea and crumpets (yes, thats right, im a brit living the canadian life in the prairies of Saskatchewan)
I have found in the small prairie town i live that it is hard to come across good finds. We have one thrift store, which believe me, i search high and low for project possibilities, and the dollar store definitely gets a working over regulary too. I have been blessed to live next door to one of my best friends, who happens to be an awesome DIY/crafter! We often have craft nights with the girls or just hang out doing crafts together. I actually used her basement to finished up this project!
So saying that, when my friend Joey told me that she was giving some old stuff away to the church for a garage sale, she said i could come over and take a look at what she had. Well, my jaw dropped as i entered her shed filled with jewels. Not literally, but in the craft world, yes jewels!
First thing that caught my eye was this huge stain glass window from an old church... that quickly became mine! Then out the corner of my eye i see this rocking chair. I turn to joey "i love that rocking chair, how much?" She told me she had nursed all three of her children in this chair, and that she would like to give it too me... no charge! NO WAY! I could already see the possibilites. I love second chances. For me i see the second chance i get by God;s grace, and this chair was crying out for some TLC!
I think its beautiful in its original state, but i needed to "vintage" it up! I love everything vintage, from floral bed sheets found at thrift stores, to jewellery, and especially furntiure i can transform!
I cant wait to hold our first baby in september while rocking in this chair.
Firstly i needed to sand it down a bit, i wanted to prime is and make sure it was coated good!
Again, i my husband (who is starting to understand this whole crafitng craze i am in) found this at a garage sale for $7, although after all the stuff we bought from there the guy gave us a deal for everything, so it was probably less that $7 in the end!
Works like a charm!
I never thought i would be excited about a sander! :)
The husband went over some of the more intricate nooks and crannies with a sanding block... he helped as my growing belly is making it harder to bend down for long periods of time!

I am the worst for taking short cuts, things like not sanding or not cleaning after i sanded and just going straight to painting. But i knew i had to do this right, it does make a difference i have learnt to take time to do the tedious things to get a better result. So once i sanded, and with any sanding, always give it a wipe down!
Volia! The first coat in on. I actually used paint and not spray paint for the prime, it wasnt as necessary as i thought as the spray paint i got covered well and it got in all the corners my brush wouldnt, but im glad i did i first coat just to give the spray paint a little more to stick too!
Now onto covering the kinda worn down green covers (not quite a fan).
This beautiful fabric i found at a value village! I fell in love, and this was the perfect time to pull it out!

I measured how big i need the pillow cover to be out of my fabric, and because the foam was a light yellow, i didnt line the sheet, but i would probably do that just to make it a bit thicker!

Get your sewing on. Turn the fabric inside out so that when you flip it inside out, your stitching will be on the inside. And because i always forget, make sure you leave a little opening to be able to pull it back through!

Ahh, this makes my crafting heart happy and cheerful! So much lighter, brighter and vintage than the green! Its starting to come together!

Now putting it all together. After the first coat of paint, i chose a ivory spray paint to cover the chair in, because the white was a little to stark and i wanted to soften in up a bit too!
Covers on, its gets excited to see a project come to affluention the way you wanted it to!

And here is one big picture just for more of a close up!

I hope you enjoyed this, and it will inspire you to find a piece that you can give a second chance to. I love that this chair represents a story behind it. I love that it belonged to a dear friend, and that she has held all her children on it. And i love that this chair has a future. Its not really about the chair, but its about the baby i will hold in it soon! Cant wait!

Thank you so much for allowing me to a part of your blog! Hopefully this is the start to a crafting blogger friendship! Give a second chance in the name of this of post!

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