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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frame Worthy Chicken Wire Tutorial

So firstly, i apologise for the quality of photos for this tutorial, as i was having issues with my camera the other day, but i was desperate to get my craft on, so i went ahead anyways.

And i also have to note that this is not an original creation! All over craft blogs i have seen some version of using chicken wire to use as an organiser or photo holder, and so i wanted to do my own version. This may either end up as a jewellery rack for all my dangly earrings (the bigger the earrings the more im into it) or whether it will go into the baby's room (WHICH IS A BOY we found out today) to display family and friends photos for baby to always see!!

All you will need is:
Chicken wire ( i found mine at the local dollar store in the garden aisle for $2)
Old frame (the more vintage looking the better)
spray paint
staple gun

This craft cost me a total of $7 = bargain

Step one

Go out searching for a frame that you can see potential in and that you love, or maybe you already have one at home. But i found mine at Salvation army for $5 and i just loved the vintage look to it, but it was GOLD! im not a huge fan of gold

Step 2
Paint a pretty colour of your choice... i chose white this time just because i knew i would probably be loading the frame up with goodies of photos or jewellery so that would be all the colour i needed

Voila! looking much more to my liking!

Step 3
Flip your frame over (obviously once its dry) and just go to town with the staples. Make sure you staple it down as much as you can, and stretch it a little so that it doesnt sag once you flip it back over.

lots of staples!
Step four

Flip it over and start pinning things to it - pegs are good to use and you could paint those, or cover them in scrap book paper to add some more colour and fun to it, or your dangly earrings with hang up there by themselves!

Its as easy as that, 1,2,3,4!

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