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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friend-amily photo shoot


mandie & Jarrett from about a year and half ago in one of many family shoots


The Hagel family was the first family that we actually dubbed our "friend-amily". They quickly became like family to us, after i began babysitting their at the time two children while they had worship practise ever thursday. After nearly four years of friendship i cant imagine my life without them.

While the husband and I walked through the hardest walk of our life, losing our first baby at three months pregnant, Joshua Matthew, the same week their third beautiful daughter, Sophie Brielle was born.

Newborn shoot

I remember Mandie (the mum) wanting to be so sensitive to what we were going through. Our original commitment to watch the kids while she was in labour, she wanted us to know we could decline! Oh course i didnt want to decline. I love these kids as if they were my own, i also tell them off like they were my own... haha (with the mothers permission of course).


Even though i know that Mandies heart was breaking for our sad loss, my heart was also beaming at this new life that was a little light in our life. How wonderful God works, that in the week we lost our baby, Sophie a little light of life came around. Yes, of course i cried when i held her, but not just because of our loss. But because we loved her already. 

we were blessed to be there within 20 minutes of her being born and got to capture the first pics.

Now at seven months old, i look at her today and couldnt resist taking pictures, especially when my husband held her. She doesnt remind me of a sad week, she reminds us of joy in the the pain. She reminds me of light, and new hope. So to say all that here is a sneek peek of our impromptu photo shoot with this little light!

Love you sophie... thank you for being our little light in the midst of darkness! 

wearing uncle matts (the husbands) hat

cant wait to see the husband hold our baby!

Isn't she just beautiful?


  1. Danielle, I have never met you, but began reading your article in the Estevan This Week paper that came out weekly called TeaTime (I think). I read it faithfully every week following you, and really connected. Loved sharing your highs and lows. It also was wonderful that I am familiar with some of your friends that you write about. One time "the husband" even played at our church with his band (I don't know if you were in the picture yet, or I would have asked for his autograph...haha). I also did street invaders and love the program; so all in all I admire you and haven't even met you. I am encouraged and challenged by your posts, and really missed your articles in the newspaper. then I found you on facebook and added you (thanks for confirming). Now I see you have blogs, I am blessed by what you share and so happy to read about your journey. Bless you as you share your gift of writing with so many. Jer. 29:11
    I agree with you compliments on the Hagels...I do not know Jarrett, but Mandi was very kind to my daughter when My daughter arrived at the comp as a new student.

  2. thank you so much for your comment! i am honoured that you are now reading my blog! Thank you, stay tuned for lots more!!
    You have blessed me with your many kind words!