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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Copy Cat" Pairing Project

You will find that i often refer to my crafty neighbour Mo, over at Pocketful of Whimsy, and that is because she is a keen crafter too, and has lots of sweet ideas! So this post i am showing you something that i made, that came from seeing Mo's craft. I thought it was so cute and such a lovely idea for kids i  just had to make it.

One of my besties, Mezzles, has a son Jaxson, who turned one this weekend, and we were able to go to Calgary to celebrate. I knew this was the ideal time to put some love into a crafty pressie for him.

One of these gifts was inspired by a project Monique had done a while ago for her kids. She made cork coasters with pictures of family and friends in her childrens lives, but did two of every picture so that it could be a pairing game.

I couldnt find cork coasters in Estevan this week, so when i came across foam stars, that was how i would carry out my plan.

Items needed:
24 pack of coloured foam stars : $1 (you dont have to have that many, its up to you as to how many pics you have)
glue stick
printer to print out paper or get them printed at your nearest photo centre
(Excuse the bad quality pics as i only had my iphone

I printed off a bunch of jaxsons family and friends and used my crinkle cutting scissors to make it a little more fancy and stuck them on the front! Easy peesy lemon sqeezy!

Its not hard, but im all about the gifts that have some thought behind them if you have the time! Give it a try for your kids or as a gift. Im going to get working on ours, so our baby bump will have some when he enters the world!

And here he is looking at one of the pairs of stars:


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