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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Royal Event

The brits for the most part LOVE their royalty. It is submerged in hundreds of years of history and has given us a pride in our country that not many other things have in Britain. The traditions that have been made and the customs are fun to get into.

I remember the day Princess Diana died, that week our parents took us to London so that we could see, be a part of history and understand the magnitude of what this had done to our country. The pictures on T.V and the newspapers did not do it justice to the amount of flowers. We stood outside buckingham palace with literally mounds of flowers so far forward you couldnt get to the gates anymore... it was a moment i will never forget.
Whether you like the royal family or not, whether you are british or not, or whether you have that time old question "well what do they actually do? You cannot take away the uncountable charities they have raised a voice for... that in itself is good enough for me. Would you know as much about the mine fields in places like angola, if it wasn't for this famous picture of Diana in the angolan mine fields.

Im not really into the royals on a large scale. But when a royal wedding of the heir to the throne comes around only every generation its very special... especially to the brits.

If your thinking "oh what a load a rubbish", stop being grumpy!! :) The guys in saskatchewan where i live put watermelons on their heads to a football game, i dont complain about that hahaha!

So 3am i was up on friday morning, ready with nails painted blue, tiara on, blue hair extensions, my union jack flag dress, union jack flag flying in my front window and a cuppa tea in my hand, i was ready to role!

Kate looked stunning, and will looked like he was in love... which made it very special to watch. 
Im excited to see what will be their legacy to the world in the years to come, and that i hope little baby chicken legs who is still in utero will be up at 3am one day watching the next heir to the thrones with wedding with just as much pride in their heritage.
Baby in utero was still very much involved in this celebration too! My canadian husband was a little more hesitant at my craziness!
thanks to my sister that has already bought baby its first england outfit!

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