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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

26 Photo Treasure Hunt :: Guest Blogger 2 :: Mandie Hagel

Today would have been the day to highlight my beautiful friend Mandie Hagels Photo treasure hunt, but unfortunately she has had a family emergency that has meant not being able to participate at this time! I will definitely try and get a post from her another time though!!!

So i thought instead of just giving you a blank blog post, here is a treasure hunt of pictures of their family that i have had the privilege of photographing over four years!

1. First family shoot ever with the Hagels. At this point we were getting to know each other as i would babysit her children Aidin and Emma on a thursday night while they were at worship practise! 

2. I have had the privilege to photograph emma on her first ever ballet recital and do her official ballet photos. of course i cried at the recital! this seems like forever ago!

3. Photo shoot with Mandie as a gift for one of Jarrett's birthday gifts, its seems so long ago now!

4. Another year passed and already the kids are looking taller and more grown up! I got to be in this family picture. We call ourselves friend-amily!

5. Sister shoot!! Mandies sister came to live in Estevan with her extremely cute son Brayden for about a year or so, and again another photo shoot to mark part of the Hagel journey

6. The hagel kids loved having their cousin Brayden live in the same city! He was such a cutie! one of his quirks was calling a tim hortons ice cap, "ice crap"! hahaha!

7. One of my fave pics of the Hagel couple that i have ever taken! Last family shoot of them as a family of four... more children to come in following pictures :)

8. Getting to capture Emma's first day of school!

9. Mandie at my bachelorette party... we are greek goddesses you see?

10. And of course she was one of my bridesmaid, and a beautiful one at that, and of course, yes, her girls were my flowergirls!! I love them like i have known them forever!

11. Mandie also with her awesome decorating skills threw my wedding shower!

12. And then came sophie... child number three! Im praying they have more, they make cute, and very well behaved children (for the most part) haha!

13. My husband instantly fell in love with Sophie! he often says "invite the hagels round, i miss sophie!" :)

14. Many parties together!

15. And of course, we have our most recent shoot from last month! Mandie had half her head shaved, and it looks pretty rocking!! love it! only she can pull something like this off!

16. I think we will be friends that will grow old together! This is just a hint of the future, hey mandie?

17. Family of 5!! Love them dearly!

We are praying for the Hagel family as they deal with a illness in the family, and we look forward to having a post from Mandie!! Check out her blog, that centres around raising three girls in this crazy world!

Much love, Dani

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