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Saturday, July 9, 2011

26 Photo Treaure Hunt :: Guest Blogger 3 :: Meryl Reesor



Meryl, or as i like to call her Mezzles, is one of my dearest, dearest best friends. She is beautiful, kind, compassionate, amazing listener, sacrifices her time and energy to show her love. She is the type of friend that sends you a memory book of our friend moments when i am feeling down... yes she did that for me!

I was excited when she agreed to take part in this challenge and after just moving house, having a one year old and a husband, and computer issues, she pulled it out the back! She claims in her introduction below that she is not a photographer, I LOVE ALL THESE PICS!!! The IPHONE rocks, and so do you Meryl!

Thanks for overcoming all the obstacles, and putting the effort in! I love ya!

hello bloggisphere!  
So happy to be a part of Dani's photo challenge.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Meryl... like Meryl Streep, not Merl.  :)  I'm 26 years old and have been married for all of my 20's, and I'm a new mommy.  Being a wife and a mother have been two dreams of mine that I'm so thankful to be able to achieve already in life!  I'm certainly NOT a photographer, but I do love taking pictures!  Being a mom of a busy 1 year old I find myself capturing moments and memories the easiest way I know how: with my iPhone.  So I did this photo challenge this way.  I've been having problems with my computer so I only had about half of my iphone pics to work with, so I had to be kinda creative to make things work :)  You'll meet the little man in my life who consumes my day, my heart and my pictures, he's seriously the love of my life (along with his daddy), so be prepared to get a good dose of him!  

Self Portrait:
this was me this morning at parade the other day catching a glimpse of royalty

Favorite Shoes:
Toms, love their message and love their shoes!

3. Hands.... how about feet??
this is a imprint I did of Jaxson's foot just before he turned 1.

4. Books
He loooves books

5. High angle

6. Fresh fruit:
I honestly couldn't find a picture of fresh fruit... but Jaxson prefers fresh duck anyways...

7. Animal:
This was taken at the Innisfail Wildlife Park, lets you get SO close to the animals

8. Silhouette:
This is from when I lived in Vancouver... this night was the first and only lightning storm I experienced while living there 3 years

9. Sun flare

10. Reminds you of childhood:
I love getting to take my child to things that hold such awesome memories for me...

11. Someone you love:
How could i pick just one?

12. Action:
Practicing his cheering!

13. mason jar/jelly jar:
How about babyfood jars?  

14. Eyes:
Love my asian bestie and her naturally asian eyes:)

15. Water:
His favorite place to be!

16. up close shot (absolutely anything)

17. Black and white

18. love:
These were old love letters I wrote to bri while we were dating/engaged.  <3

19. Favourite colour:
The soft pink of cherry blossoms.  so beautiful

20. Your weakness:
Thai food - particularly chicken cashew... drool

21. Transportation

22. Low angle

23. Yourself with 10 things:
baha... i honestly coundn't find any recent pictures of me with more than one thing in them... so this counts as me and more than ten things, cuz although it looks like Celine is just singing to me... there are of course thousands of people sharing this moment with me... that counts right? lol

24. Flower:
how about flower pots with flowers on them :)

25. Picture depicting emotion:
We did it! 

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