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Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Treasure Hunt that you can give ago!!

All over the internet are different photo challenges, some to do everyday for a month, and there is even a project called the 365 project. You take a photo everyday for a year - its fun, but after a month i started to forget and so it trailed off. 

Thats why we are giving this a go. Everyone that has and will be involved in this 26 photo treasure hunt could use pictures they already have taken recently, or they could do the challenge in one day, or throughout the month, it was totally up to them!

Why don't you give it go, maybe do it with friends! Its fun and with summer upon us its a nice activity to do with the kids or your friends.

Here are a few different ones i have found online:

from website:  whitepeachphoto.com

Or if you wanna try 12stonedance mix of the photo challenge here is our list: 

1.    Self-portrait
2.    Your favourite shoes
3.    Hands
4.    Books
5.    High angle
6.    Fresh fruit
7.    Animal
8.    Silhouette
9.     Sun flare
10.                       Reminds you of childhood
11.                       Someone you love
12.                       Action
13.                       mason jar/jelly jar
14.                       Eyes
15.                       Water
16.                       up close shot (absolutely anything)
17.                       Black and white
18.                       love
19.                       Favourite colour
20.                       Your weakness
21.                       Transportation
22.                       Low angle
23.                       Yourself with 10 things
24.                       Flower
25.                       Picture depicting emotion
26.                       Your camera by your camera (you may have to think of an inventive way to do this)

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