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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cheap & Easy Strapless dress

After seeing a tutorial online for an easy to make strapless dress, i was excited to try and customize one for my preggo body, for a little 7 month pregnant photo shoot.

This can be for anyone though, and i am not a seamstress at all, but this was soooo easy, i believe any can do it.

So heres how to make a dress like this one (photo by my talented friend Monique over at Pocketful of Whimsy)

Step one:
Forget about going to a fabric shop, hit up the local thrift store and pick up some fabric there, mine was from value village for $3 and still have tons of it left for other fabric. I found this hanging with the table cloths, and i loved how retro it was. Make sure your fabric has a little stretch to it, this will make it easy to fit your body with no extra materials needed.

Step two:
Grab a tank top that fits with nicely and is a little more body hugging (make sure it has a little stretch like your fabric).
All i did was trace around it and as much length as you want, mine was just above the knees. And i cut down straight from where the hips would be.

Step three:
use the first side you cut of your dress as a template to cut out what will be the back of your dress.

Step four:
Then pin one side of the dress together and sew all the way up.

Then once i sewed up one side, i hemmed the top and bottom of the dress with 1/2 seam.
Once i have hemmed top and bottom, i folded right sides together and sewed up the other side.

Now flip back so fabric is right sides out, and there you have it, your new easy and cheap strapless dress.

I had a little excess at the sides of the bust, so i just took it in a little so it stayed up nice and steady.
I am thinking of putting black bias tape around the hems just to neaten in up, but photo shoot came before i made the effort to do that.

My lovely husband and my baby bump are the loves of my life.

Hope you give this a try and you are as happy with the outcome as i was!!


  1. WOW i can not believe this dress cost a total of $3 that's amazing and i will defiantly give it a go at making my own xx

  2. i would love to see a pic when you do try it! send me one so i can feature you on the blog