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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

26 Photo Treasure Hunt :: Guest Blogger 3 :: Jesse

Day three of this photo challenge, and i am just loving it! i love getting to share creativity together with people from across the board!

Today we are looking at Jesse's photo treasure hunt, and its a gooder! This dude that we randomly met one night when he came to prayer night at our house has fast become someone we can't believe we didnt even know a year ago. He is multi talented with a camera, his photos and video stuff is incredible!!! He has an incredible heart for God and is just open, blunt and honest, my husband and I love that about him!

So enjoy his photo hunt! He definitely gets an A for effort and A for awesomeness!!

1. Self-portrait - Hey look! I'm in the picture!

2. Your favorite shoes - Ok so it isn't technically more than one shoe. So shoot me.

3. Hands - Let us bask in the awkwardness that is this photo.

4. Books - Can anyone find the hidden meaning here?
jk... there is none...

5. High angle - Yeah that's right. I have a home office with a mac. yup. Not my roommate's at all... allll mine... Look at all that important paperwork...

6. Fresh fruit - Well it's not rotten. Does that count?

7. Animal - Bam. Dog. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

8. Silhouette - That's your backyard I'm staring into. That's right. YOURS.

9. Sun flare - Flare from the sun. The sun is flaring down. Ok shut up. How would you caption this?

10. Reminds you of childhood - Not gonna lie... I ate my fair share of these growing up...

11. Someone you love - You'd love him to. Promise.

12. Action - Slidey slide.

13. mason jar/jelly jar - I know it wasn't actually what was asked for. What can I say. I'm a rebel.

14. Eyes - Staring contest?...I win...Again?...I win again...You're terrible at this.

15. Water - In all it's glory.

16. up close shot - ooooOOOoooo What's in there? Mysterious....

17. Black and white - There were no African Americans on hand to contrast myself with... so you get candles.

18. love - Brothers....

19. Favorite colour - My favorite colour is spicy! Not that Franks is THAT spicy. I mean... I can totally handle more spice than that... seriously... I'm like... super manly

20. Your weakness - Now you see why I had to exaggerate my manlyness in that last caption...

21. Transportation - Rail cars. The most exotic of the exotic cars. This bad boy's sittin on 42s. That's how I roll.

22. Low angle - Hey look at that next picture that totally makes up for the fact that I could not think up a caption!

23. Yourself with 10 things - Not so weak anymore now am I. Brandon literally ate 7 cows 43 seconds before this was taken. That's right. *flexes biceps*

24. Flower - Don't do drugs... TRUST me...

25. Picture depicting emotion - Brings me to tears just looking at it.

26. Your camera by your camera - Don't try to figure it out. I'm not even sure how it happened.


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