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Friday, July 29, 2011

Beatles Themes Party

On June 25th my wonderful and talented husband turned 26. He always makes jokes about how much i love birthdays, and i truly believe birthday's are one of my "love languages". I love birthdays. I love that for a whole day you can make someone feel special, and that they can stand out for the day.

So obviously for my husband it had to be a whooper of a birthday. It was a MONTH of celebrations. Travelling to see parents, and friends ten hours away, presents, and then the surprise beatles themed party.

I had seen on HOSTESS BLOG to make yellow submarine mini cakes with twinkies, and from there i went for it! It really was inexpensive, but so fun to find things to use for this beatles theme.

I made the invites using photoshop! very simple! I went onto a website for downloading free fonts call DaFont (click here for to go to it) and found the actual font used for the Beatles that i used for other party things, and i  also downloaded a couple of rock and roll looking fonts too! 

I went to the local thrift store to find some old vinyls to use as dessert plate stands and and to hang from the lemonade stand i borrowed from my neighbour. I went to the local dollar store and bought 2 bright coloured plastic wine cups to put the vinyls on to make the dessert stands. So easy and a cool way to display the food musically.

This is my husband receiving his twinky cakes on vinyl record desserts stands! its amazing what a hot glue gun can accomplish.

Go to the Hostessblog to see more. These were so easy. Picked up twinkies from the grocery store, and some icing. My friend Mandy was here staying with us for the weekend and actually did the piping and smarties for me. three of the same colour on each side, and then stick a couple of straws in the top and VOILA... yellow submarines!!

Here are a few other ways we themed the day:

Made some retro bunting to hang, and a couple of records hanging from the end and made a little drink station. All the tableware i made sure was bright and colourful like the 60's/70's.

Twizzlers on grass mats from the local dollar store! We even had some of our garden grown strawberries on another grass matt too! yummy!

I found these little flower power blossom biscuits and i couldnt resist!

My husband loves Dr Pepper so what better way that sitting them on top of a little kids piano and renaming them SGT dr Peppers

Everyone had to come dressed up as  Beatles song, and here are a couple of photos of friends and family

 St Pepper (he came dressed a pepper pot hence the siv on his head... chuckle!

Me and the hubby. I was "Octopus Garden" and i dressed him up as the cartoon version of John Lennon in the Yellow Submarine Movie.

our best friends Mandy and Quincy came as "Baby Im a rich man" and "Money"

"Rocky Raccoon"

All my in laws at the end of party!

My mum and dad in law.. mom came as "Piggies" and dad came as "yesterday" (he wore a tshirt that said Friday and the party was on saturday... clever!!!

It was such a good day! Lots of ways for me to release some creativity while celebrating the amazingness of my man!

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