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Monday, July 4, 2011


So its gonna be a pretty full and exciting week over here at 12StoneDance!!

About two months ago i sent this idea out to a bunch of people that i know and know would enjoy the challenge of the this 26 photo treasure hunt!

The idea is for them to take the last two months to take photos of different items, emotions, and things that are on a list that they got given, and then caption each of them! A little creative challenge. One to get their cameras clicking and and its always fun to see what others come up with and do it together!

So keep a watch out!!

Here is the list of the challenge! Keep visiting each day to see each new persons challenge and published!

1.    Self-portrait
2.    Your favourite shoes
3.    Hands
4.    Books
5.    High angle
6.    Fresh fruit
7.    Animal
8.    Silhouette
9.     Sun flare
10.                       Reminds you of childhood
11.                       Someone you love
12.                       Action
13.                       mason jar/jelly jar
14.                       Eyes
15.                       Water
16.                       up close shot (absolutely anything)
17.                       Black and white
18.                       love
19.                       Favourite colour
20.                       Your weakness
21.                       Transportation
22.                       Low angle
23.                       Yourself with 10 things
24.                       Flower
25.                       Picture depicting emotion
26.                       Your camera by your camera (you may have to think of an inventive way to do this)

Our first blogger to take up the challenge on this 4th of july celebratory day is Jordyn Schulte from My Sisters Closet!

Go to guest posts to check her post out!

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